As the place where food is prepared, people gather, and all other areas often architecturally connect to, the kitchen has always been considered the heart of any spatial arrangement. With the growing popularity of an open plan kitchen layout, the room traditionally designed as a functional area is now often joined with dining or living rooms and its role has been elevated to that of an entertaining space. In commercial buildings, the communal kitchen is also much more than a place to prepare lunch or make a cup of tea - office kitchens are one of the main places to socialise and frequently to include collaboration spaces and break-out areas. 

The connected and interaction-encouraging character of the modern kitchen requires the use of durable, high quality materials and designs that are in equal measures stylish, inviting, practical and comfortable for movement and work. Here, we look at some current kitchen design trends for any designers, specifiers and clients looking for inspiration for upcoming renovations or new kitchen designs.

 Clean minimalism

This trend brings the desire for space, clean lines and uncluttered surfaces into our kitchens. The timeless elegance of minimalism is not only aesthetically pleasing, it has a very practical side to as well. Whilst the clean lines of concealed storage, integrated appliances and cut-out handles in cabinets are gentle on the eye, the uncluttered working spaces come in handy both not only in residential dwellings but in commercial spaces as well, allowing for big groups of people to comfortably use the kitchen bench all at once.

Matte black

Black is confidently making its way back into the kitchens - and not just as an accent colour. Combined with a chic matte finish, black has started being perceived as more livable - black walls, cabinets and work surfaces can help create an elegant and inviting look. Beyond appearing on bigger surfaces, matte black can be introduced through stylish appliances or more subtle accents like kitchen fixtures and hardware accent. Dark appliances, faucets or light pendants can be a fresh addition to light-coloured kitchens, giving them the wow factor for years to come. 

Splash of colour

Whilst definitely the darkest, black isn’t the only colour making its way into kitchens this season. A splash of colour is an excellent way to freshen up a space and liven up the traditional all-white kitchen. Carefully selecting whether the colour will be on permanent (like a statement wall, flooring or cabinets) or less permanent (upholstery, appliances or accessories) fixtures can open up options in terms of the presence of colour, or colour combinations in the space. By welcoming unexpected colour pairings this trend can also be a great way to make a vibrant statement and bring a bit of flair into residential and commercial kitchen spaces. 

Mix of textures

Unexpected pairings aren’t welcome only in the world of colour. Combining contrasting textures is a great way to open up new possibilities - especially when it comes to metals. A matte-white faucet, nickel cabinet knobs and a stainless steel splashback - why not? There’s cohesiveness in contrast and a well thought-out scheme of different but balanced textures and colours can bring liveliness to the kitchen and help it to stand out from (or fit in with) the wider design of the space. 

With such diverse kitchen design trends establishing prominence, it’s key for designers and specifiers to opt for timeless and versatile kitchen fixtures that offer a wide range of styles and finish options to suit any modern aesthetic. And with high quality products at the heart of any great design, choosing products that deliver excellent quality and functionality is paramount for industry professionals.

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