The Australian commercial design and property market is in a boom period. With commercial property growth, a thriving national economy, and intense industry competition, demands for innovation, versatility and adaptability are reaching designers and specifiers. As such, the need to identify design solutions and products that are cost-effective, high performing and provide maximum design flexibility has never been more urgent. 

This need extends into commercial and residential kitchens. Essential for comfort, amenity and convenience in a workplace or home, kitchens are spaces in which functionality and aesthetics are almost equally valued. Accordingly, the kitchen space also provides designers and specifiers with the opportunity to innovate when designing and specifying solutions that deliver an effective balance of style and substance. Informed by current design trends, designers, specifiers and consumers are prioritising contemporary style alongside functionality, performance and sustainability. Contemporary design trends are opting for sleek, streamlined designs with restrained colour palettes. Materials are being selected for their tactile and aesthetic qualities, in addition to their durability and performance qualities. 

In spite of this, highly functional, reliable solutions and products are still preferred. For example, busy commercial workplaces or homes require clean, fresh drinking water accessible at all times by all types of users. Solutions that can deliver performance and functionality with a number of style and finish options to suit any kitchen aesthetic are preferred in today’s market.

For over 25 years, Billi has led the Australasian market for water filtration systems, delivering stylish, high performance solutions for healthy and sustainable living and workspaces. Reflecting their trademark attention to detail and focus on collaboration with architects, designers and consumers, Billi offers a range of highly functional water filtration solutions that can be specified in a range of styles and finishes to complement a variety of surroundings. Billi solutions offer maximum design flexibility for all types of kitchen designs, aesthetics and applications.

Billi dispensers come in a variety of finish options. Popular options include chrome, brushed chrome, matte black and matte white, in addition to pantone finishes, special finishes and two-tone finishes that can be specially ordered. Matching accessories for the various styles of dispenser options are also available, including risers and fonts.

The Billi X Series dispenser range delivers performance and efficiency without compromising on style. With a sleek and sophisticated design, this streamlined range of dispensers is the ideal solution for any commercial space where amenity, health, and safety as well as visual appeal are key priorities. The XL Levered Dispenser can be specified in a broad range of finishes, with coloured levers that can enhance visibility in environments in which the LED indicators are not as visible.

Billi’s range of tapware can also be implemented for specific applications. Red and blue coloured levers can significantly enhance visibility, and braille pads can also be specified in vision impaired applications. Further enhancing accessibility, the X Touch Dispenser has a touch-sensitive top operating panel inset into a sleek, compact dispenser body. Users can simply touch the panel to activate the tap, whose streamlined body is consistent with contemporary kitchen design trends and aesthetics.

Promoting safety for all users, the XR Remote Dispenser and Safety Dispenser offer safe, alternative modes of activation, including the ability to place the operational panel in a position away from the tap to meet design and accessibility requirements. The Safety Dispenser is suitable for high-risk environments such as mental health and correctional facilities as it allows for remote activation of the dispenser’s chilled and boiling and chilled water functions.

Billi solutions are backed by a 24-month warranty and have outstanding environmental credentials, including GreenTag Gold certification for some products. Billi water systems are manufactured to strict quality standards, and designed to provide maximum efficiency. Billi systems are independently certified and comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 4020, AS1428 Accessibility Design, and ISO 9001.

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