Billi has joined the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) membership program as a Cornerstone member.

IWBI’s membership program convenes, celebrates and fosters collaboration with organisations who are leading the movement to advance human health in buildings and communities around the world. This dynamic framework allows Billi to tap into IWBI’s expansive resources and knowledge, and work alongside other WELL-focused organisations that are similarly committed to transforming buildings and communities, and enhancing health and wellness.

“Since the first WELL projects, we have continued to build the momentum towards a global transformation that puts people at the focus of a healthier future,” said IWBI chairman and CEO Rick Fedrizzi.

“The IWBI membership community is passionate and united around their efforts to elevate wellness in their everyday work, and we are excited to have each of them on this journey.”

Daniel Walker, national sector manager – specification, Billi explains, “The IWBI and its WELL projects are integral to the future of Billi globally. We are extremely excited to be involved with the IWBI and look forward to working alongside other WELL-focused organisations, particularly in Australia and the UK where our teams are working concurrently to share the message.”