Billi Pty Ltd has recently introduced Billi Eco hot and cold filtered drinking water units. These instant hot and cold water taps are compact and offer convenient and energy efficient boiling and chilled drinking water on demand.

The stylish Billi Eco has been specifically designed for small to medium sized offices, ensuring workers time is saved from waiting for the jug to boil.

Due to the innovative design of new technology exclusive to Billi , the Billi Eco is highly energy efficient and will ensure significantly reduced running costs and excellent environmental credentials.

Dan Lindsay, Billi Director explained: “For a small to medium office, making 10-15 cups of coffee a day, the cost per year to run a kettle and staff time lost waiting for it, compounds out to thousands of dollars per year.”

“There are strong environmental benefits as well,” Dan continued. “The Billi Eco typically creates only 4.9 grams of CO2 per cup compared with up to 120 grams of CO2 per cup for boiling the kettle, which is a 95% reduction in CO2 produced.”

The unique Eco Intelligence software used with these instant boiling water units actually learns the routine of usage, ensuring hot and cold water is there when required without wasting energy. Also, the innovative Energy Reclaim system reuses heated energy to decrease energy costs and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

These hot and cold filtered drinking water units feature a cast steel dispenser that compliments contemporary offices, while the dual action filtration system ensures refreshing tasting water and keeps users safe from sediment, dust, silt, chlorine, odor, pesticides and hazardous chemicals, whilst retaining fluoride in the water.

The clever splash free boiling water delivery, easy tap swivel function and concealed safety switch ensures workplace health and safety. Also available with a font tray, Billi Eco hot and cold filtered drinking water units can be installed in other areas of the office, such as in boardrooms.

Every Billi hot and cold filtered drinking water unit is manufactured using an Australian certified quality control system and tested to achieve all required international standards.

Billi Eco’s simple, user-friendly design makes it easy and safe to install and operate. The simple installation also means the Billi is easily disconnected and relocated should a business move.