Australia’s growing elderly population is placing greater demands on infrastructure and healthcare facilities. Designers and specifiers must ensure that any environment with elderly, less mobile or disabled users is compliant with the relevant Australian Standards and incorporates measures that address issues relating to mobility and accessibility.

'Designing for advanced age and disability: A specifier’s guide to creating accessible spaces' looks at accessible design in relation to elderly and less mobile users and highlights the key design considerations in this space. First, we review the relevant Australian Standard relating to designing for access and mobility in new buildings, namely AS 1428.1, and the relevant requirements for tapware in AS 1428.2. We then discuss other design considerations in this area, including health and hygiene, ease of operation, visual impairment and recall and wheelchair access. Finally, we present an innovative range of instant boiling and chilled water dispensers and washroom sensor taps that improve accessibility for a broad range of users.

For almost three decades, Billi has led the global market with innovative tapware and instant boiling and chilled water filtration systems. Proudly Australian[NW1] -designed and manufactured, Billi products are celebrated for their combination of functionality, performance and contemporary aesthetics. Driven by a commitment to improving user health and quality of life, the company supplies a range of innovative instant boiling and chilled water dispensers and washroom sensor taps that address the requirements of all users, regardless of age, physical ability or circumstance.

Download this whitepaper and gain the knowledge to create inclusive spaces that address the evolving needs of Australia’s ageing population.

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