As water filtration systems continue growing in popularity, bringing the benefits of pure, high quality drinking water to consumers around Australia, we celebrate the upcoming 10 year anniversary of one of Billi’s most popular water filtration units: Eco Boiling & Chilled filtered water system. 

This model was launched at the start of 2010 as the smallest under bench filtered drinking water system on the market. Since then, the humble but elegantly designed unit has become synonymous with reliability, great performance and cost efficiency. 

In spite of its compact size, it features a powerful dual action filtration system. It ensures improved taste of water and filtering the sediment, dust, silt, chlorine, odor, pesticides and hazardous chemicals, whilst retaining fluoride in the water.

The unit is perfect for residential use, or in small to medium office spaces. Because of its small size, the unit can be installed in the most compact spaces and requires no cupboard ventilation. The minimalist set-up, thoughtful design and physical dimensions make it easy to install, disconnect and even relocate if a homeowner or a business move. 

But the Eco model is not only economical in its physical dimensions. The unit is energy efficient and ensures significant reduction in running costs without compromising on its excellent environmental credentials.

In an office environment, instant access to boiling and chilled water means employees don’t have to boil the kettle every time they need hot water. This not only increases convenience but is a great cost saving exercise for the business - the cost of running the kettle and the time staff spend waiting on the water to boil each time could amount to thousands of dollars per year. 

However, that’s not the only aspect of the Eco Boiling & Chilled unit designed to lower running costs. The Eco model uses a unique intelligence software which learns the unit’s usage routine to ensure that hot and cold water are instantly available when needed - without wasting any energy. Similarly, a built-in standby function powers down the unit when not in use. In order to further decrease energy costs and cut greenhouse emissions, an innovative and efficient energy saving system reuses heat from the chilling process to warm water for boiling.

Another reason the Eco continues to be one of the most popular water filtration units ten years in is the fact that safety was paramount in the design of this model. The body of the unit is heat insulated and has a concealed childproof safety switch. It also features Billi's splash free boiling water delivery which controls and varies the flow, slowing when the water first enters the cup in order to minimise any splashing.

Like all of Billi’s products, the Eco filtered water unit is produced to the highest safety and quality benchmarks. All Billi products are tested and certified to Australian standards.

In the last 10 years, the only update to the Eco model has been an improved dispenser design with the modern X series - XL Levered, XR Remote and XT Touch Dispensers - testament to the unit’s timeless character and potential for innovation. 

Over 25 years of excellence, commitment to quality and innovative spirit has made Billi’s systems Australia’s first choice in drinking water appliances and the Eco model has been one of Billi’s most successful products in the last decade. As the Eco Boiling & Chilled unit approaches its silver anniversary, its unique characteristics, high quality finish, energy efficient profile and safety features will continue to make this model a top pick for designers, specifiers and consumers who appreciate compact but powerful filtered water solutions with proven track of great performance.