A glass movable wall from Bildspec was installed at the Inaburra Junior School in Bangor, NSW as part of a recent refurbishment project.

There are approximately 350 students in the school with two classes for each year from Kindergarten to Year 6. The refurbishments designed by NBRS Architecture included the installation of a Bildspec Series 100 double glazed side stacking operable wall between the two Kindergarten classrooms.

The acoustic moving wall includes 4 separately moving double glazed panels with 2 central panels in white glass. This not only provides privacy between the two classrooms, but also serves as a versatile whiteboard for both classrooms at the same time.

Bildspec’s glass movable walls combine the elegance of glass with the reliability of a Bildspec operable wall. It allows for see-through connection of spaces with acoustic reduction properties.

Bildspec acoustic moving walls have the ability to flexibly divide classroom learning spaces based on need. When made of glass, these movable walls allow maximum light transfer, creating an open, airy feeling in classrooms, which in turn provides an enhanced learning experience.

Bildspec delivered the project for Trinity Quality Interiors.