The bushfire season has started early in Australia, making it imperative for building projects in bushfire zones to prioritise bushfire safety in design, material selection and construction.

MaxiWall and MaxiFloor, distributed by leading building supplier, Big River Group, are cost-effective, superior and non-combustible Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) walling and flooring solutions.

The Australian building standard for bushfire-prone areas, the AS3959, covers everything from sub-floor supports and floors to roofs, verandas and gas pipes. MaxiFloor and MaxiWall can be used in the highest Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) areas: Flame Zone, with both products classified as 100 per cent non-combustible building materials, offering fire resistance up to 1,200°C and achieving a two-hour fire rating when installed with approved systems. These fire resistant qualities make the two products ideal for properties requiring specific fire ratings.

“Both lightweight solutions, MaxiWall and MaxiFloor are easy to handle and quick to build with, reducing labour costs, construction time and on-site mess, all of which help to reduce the total cost of the build. An entire MaxiWall exterior could be completed in a fraction of the time compared to rendered brick or block. Its contemporary rendered finish allows for a multitude of different rendered finishes, ensuring any design choice can be accommodated,” says John Lorente, general manager - sales & marketing, Big River Group.

Qualities such as superior fire protection, insulation and soundproofing ensure MaxiWall and MaxiFloor deliver a more comfortable living experience to future occupants. Building with MaxiWall also enables the homeowner to create innovative design, both externally and internally.

The national energy rating requirements can add to the cost when building in bushfire prone areas as these regions can be quite cold in winter and very hot in summer.

“With four times greater thermal resistance than standard house bricks, the amount of energy required to heat or cool is greatly reduced, providing savings to homeowners. MaxiWall and MaxiFloor also have excellent acoustic insulation – up to seven decibels greater per surface area than other solid building materials of the same weight. This is particularly important in multi-residential housing as well as semi-detached and terraced houses where soundproofing is critical,” says Lorente.

MaxiFloor and MaxiWall panels come with green credentials with both products being pollutant-free building materials sourced from world class production facilities using German technology and automated processes. These products help lower around 30 per cent of environmental waste compared to traditional concrete and 50 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions.

MaxiWall and MaxiFloor products are fully compliant with current Australian Standards and have Australian Codemark Certification.