For structures where the concrete will be visible after completion, off-form finish requirements must be considered from the outset. To achieve a high-quality finish, considerable attention needs to be given to the concrete mix, formwork materials, detailing and sealing, as well as industry best practice.  Failures relating to off-form concrete finishes are often connected to the quality and grade of the formply product, the type of finish specified and how the formwork product was used.

Off-form Concrete: Specifying plywood formwork for high-quality decorative finishes helps industry professionals avoid common mistakes with off-form concrete finishes by examining the following key topics: specifying an appropriate off-form finish under Australian standards (AS 3610 ““Formwork for concrete”); how formwork materials impact the concrete surface finish; and the relevant considerations when selecting formply products. We also consider how the effects of weather may influence your choice of formply product.

Big River Group manufactures and distributes timber and steel formwork products, timber flooring, structural plywood and related timber products. Their range includes ArmourForm, a premium quality, hardwood formply in a range of sizes, thicknessess and stress grades. 

Download this whitepaper to learn what you need to know about specifying an appropriate off-form finish in accordance with Australian standards, and how choosing the right formply product can help ensure a high-quality surface finish.


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