Merbau, an Asian rainforest hardwood available from Big River Group met the architect’s requirements for a timber product that could withstand the Sunshine Coast’s subtropical environment.

Brightwater’s latest development, Affina is a stunning build of townhouses designed by Hollindale Mainwaring Architects in three- and four-bedroom configurations. Featuring high-quality fixtures and fittings, and intelligent open-plan interiors, the townhouses reflect the Sunshine Coast aesthetic, complete with lightweight construction and understated materials that respond to climate and place. 

John Mainwaring of Hollindale Mainwaring Architecture says that he sometimes applies a ‘beach shack’ simplicity to his work. “The designs reference the history of their communities while using contemporary processes, materials and technology for an aesthetic that is undeniably place-specific,” says Mainwaring. 

The common BBQ area within the townhouse development is a standout design feature built on the prime waterfront in the Brightwater community. Merbau timber products from Big River Group were chosen for the breakfast bar and seating, blending harmoniously with John Mainwaring’s vision of living in an area that champions light, air and space. 

“We were engaged by commercial builders, RCQ Projects, for this project to source a specialised timber product that could be used in an outdoor bar area in the common space of the 36-townhouse development. Building in any development, and particularly Brightwater, meant that all products used needed to meet high levels of scrutiny in terms of origin and manufacture,” said Chris Brush, sales manager, Big River Group. 

“A key criterion for the project was that the timber had to be suitable for external applications and available in the large sizing specified for the bar top. Fortunately, Big River Group was able to use Merbau, an Asian rainforest hardwood timber ideally suited to the manufacture of outdoor furniture and decking. With the abundance of natural oil in the wood, it produces a beautiful grain and appearance and we were able to make to order 400x42 pieces.” 

RCQ Projects project manager Brett Etchells explained that they chose Merbau for its durability, high resistance to decay when fully exposed to the weather, and cost-effectiveness. Being a laminated product, it was also less likely to cup and twist.

Big River was first selected as a supplier for RCQ Projects based on their competitive pricing and capacity to service the project due to their convenient location.

“Big River Group’s knowledge and service was great, and it was beneficial that they were generally able to provide extra products on short notice and deliver to the site the same day, making our jobs a lot quicker and easier. The staff was always on hand to provide options for different products and construction methods when required,” continued Etchells.

With a balmy year-round climate, Affina at Brightwater offers the right balance of all design elements in a stunning lakeside location with beautiful communal spaces to share with friends and family.