Bentley Systems ’ civil helps supports to design, plan, engineer, construct, operate and maintain various civil products. The various civil products offered by Bentley Systems are bridges, land/site development, managed environment, railways, roads and highways, storm and sanitary drainage, transportation operations, maintenance and management.

Railways’ integrated solutions offer solutions for the entire lifecycle of rail data capture, rail infrastructure assets, designing, planning, operations, building and management. The various services offered by railway solutions are Bentley PowerSurvey, Bentley Rail Track, Bentley Rebar, Bentley View, InRail, Optram Enterprise Suite, Optram GIS Interface, Optram Video, ProjectWise Navigator, Select Server, STAAD.Pro, Project StartPoint and ProjectWise Integration Server.

Transportation Operations, Maintenance and Management offers solutions for rail and road comprise technology. The operation and management solutions also offers consulting services for automated permitting and routing, right-of-way management and transportation data management.

The various products offered by operation and management solutions are Advanced Routing and Permitting System, Bentley Cadastre, Bentley Descartes, Bentley Location Data Manager, Bentley Outdoor Advertising System, Bentley PowerSurvey, Bentley Publisher and Bentley Transportation Data Manager. Storm and Sanitary Drainage provides solutions for drainage address storm, sanitary projects, pipelines and other types of pipe networks.