The newly released AssetWise APM V7.2 from Bentley Systems is an enhanced version of the company’s asset performance management software. Bentley Systems specialises in providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure.

The AssetWise APM V7.2 software enables users to take advantage of immersive APM, a visual environment in which hypermodelling is used to spatially enable operations and maintenance for the interactive inspection of critical assets.

AssetWise APM V7.2 users can also view infrastructure assets in the context of engineering information conveyed by Bentley’s i-models, and initiate actions directly from the 2D or 3D representations of the asset. Users will also benefit from advancements in asset strategy development and integrity management.

Bentley also announced two key developments related to the latest release: A new version of Bentley’s APM Supervisor Dashboard app for Windows 8.1; and the alignment of its APM Process Maturity Model directly to ISO 55000.

Bentley senior vice president, server products, Alan Kiraly observes that AssetWise APM V7.2’s unique capability to interact with the virtual plant and connect asset health data to 2D and 3D models of the plant is a major differentiating factor.

Immersive asset performance management

AssetWise APM V7.2’s immersive approach to visual operations helps converge the engineer’s mental model of the plant, network, or other asset with its performance and representation in IT systems. The hypermodels in this visual environment can directly link to asset condition indicators, enabling inspection indicator readings to be associated with the visual model. The ability to view assets via i-models provides expanded engineering context in a variety of formats from design files and specification sheets to corrosion loops, and more. The visual workflow supports both greenfield and brownfield operations, bridging the gap between CAPEX and OPEX and enabling a sustainable business strategy for operational excellence and safety.

Advancements in asset strategy development and integrity management

AssetWise APM V7.2 features analysis techniques used in Risk-based Inspections (RBI) and Reliability-centred Maintenance (RCM) with capabilities including demand scenario risk analysis based on the consequences of economic, health and safety, environmental, and company reputation effects; risk matrices support for failure mode criticality evaluation; and degradation rates updated from failure modes, analysis based on economic feasibility of maintenance strategies, and probability based on time between failures.

APM Supervisor Dashboard App for Windows 8.1

Bentley’s APM Supervisor Dashboard app gives reliability and maintenance managers an actionable, 24x7 view of asset health and key performance indicators, along with the added flexibility of responding to alarms and approving work from home or elsewhere offsite on Windows 8.1 devices.

Process Maturity Model aligned with ISO 55000

Bentley’s Reliability Business Improvement Assessment now offers alignment of its APM Process Maturity Model directly to ISO 55000, enabling users to identify the qualitative and quantitative evidence of their existing capabilities, assess the stage at which their organisations currently operate, and know what is possible with a given business case and plan.