BenQ Australia  offers variety of products such as consumer electronics, computing products, communication products and other networked digital lifestyle devices. The various computing products offered by BenQ Australia are Joybooks, LCD monitors, printers, scanners, storage devices, keyboards and mouse.

The various models available in Joybook PC’s are Joybook Q41, Joybook R43, Joybook S32B, Joybook A52, Joybook R42, Joybook R56, Joybook S32, Joybook S52W, Joybook S41, Joybook P41, Joybook P51, Joybook P52, Joybook R31E, Joybook R41E, Joybook R53, Joybook R55, Joybook R55V, Joybook 31, Joybook 31V, Joybook S53W, Joybook S61, Joybook S72, Joybook S73, Joybook T31 and Joybook S73V.

Joybook S73 raises the aural, visual and tactile enjoyment of using the notebook. Joybook T31 is a new dual core video conferencing laptop, while Joybook S72 is an advanced notebook with 14” wide-screen providing1280x768 resolutions. The note weighs only 2kg and is super sleek. This notebook will be ideal for persons who demand excellence.

Joybook S61 enables the users to watch TV and the laptop consists of tiny portable TV antenna which can be tuned to the favorite digital TV channel. Joybook R55 model incorporates ultra-bright display using exclusive ultra-vivid technology to enhance the viewing experience of the users. Joybook P51 features NVIDIA GetForce Go 6100. This model reduces the annoying artifacts and imperfections found in traditional PC-based video solutions.