Belle Roller Doors  use different types of quality vinyl materials supplied by Laminex in its roller doors. Laminex Vizage and Aqua panel, Laminex Compact laminate, Laminex Redback, Laminex Decorwood, Laminwood MR and Formica Decorated MDF are a few materials used in making roller doors at Belle Roller Doors.

Laminex Vizage and Aqua panel material used by Belle Roller Doors measures 2.7 millimetres in thickness. It can be used for wall panelling and wet area wall lining applications. Laminex Vizage and Aqua panel and Laminex Compact laminate uses high pressure in laminating process. Laminex Compact laminate measures 2 to 20 millimetres in thickness. It is double-sided, so it can provide balanced construction.

Laminex Compact laminate can be used for partitioning, toilet and shower partitions, institutional furniture, window sills, tables, furniture and desktops. Laminex Redback measures 0.7 millimetres in thickness. It can be used for medium impact, horizontal and vertical applications. Most of these vinyl laminates can be used as cupboard door panels and for wall panelling.

Laminex Decorwood, Laminwood MR are available in most Laminex colours and different patterns and woodgrains for customers to choose to match their requirements. There is a slight variation between the finishes on Laminex faced board products at Belle Roller Doors. It also applies with Formica melamine faced board products. To know more about vinyl laminate materials, customers can visit the official website of Belle Roller Doors.