Beaver Sales  supplies a range of lifting chains, mooring, rigging and transportation equipment and associated fittings for use in manufacturing and industrial sectors. The products distributed by Beaver Sales are manufactured in accordance with Australian and international standards. Beaver Sales supplies a range of quality commercial chains, wire rope fittings and shackles for hoisting and lifting needs in shipyards and dredging operations.

Beaver Sales supplies products of different companies such as Yale, Weissenfels, Slingmax and Slintech. Beaver Sales provides testing and repair services to product distributors. Beaver Sales distributes an extensive range of lifting chains and fittings manufactured by Pewag and Weissenfels. The lifting chains and fittings supplied by Beaver Sales include products such as grade 80 range of alloy chains, grade 100 range of alloy chains and fittings, grade 100 range of alloy slings, grade 50 range of stainless steel lifting chains and latch kits and assemblies.

Beaver Sales supplies a range of tested commercial chain fittings for applications such as load resistant material handling, rigging and lifting. Some commercial chains distributed by Beaver Sales include products such as hardware chains, security chains, shackles, eye bolts and eye nuts, rigging screws and turnbuckles.