Bauwerk Colour  offers plaster finishes that are suitable for both internal and external applications. The ENDUIT is a smooth natural render that gives a matte finish and comes in a variety of appearances such as open pored, close grained and polished. The MARMORINO is a natural lime based plaster that is suitable for all applications. The TADELAKT provides a smooth finish and requires less maintenance. The STUCCO is also a lime based plaster and is suitable for both internal and external application.

Bauwerk Colour also offers a wide range of sinks, countertops and basins made of reconstituted stone and are available in varied designs and dimensions to suit individual requirements. Bauwerk Colour also offers colour cards in different shades to give a sample of the actual paint.

Bauwerk Colour also provides products with user manuals to support easy usage. It enables the customers to determine the amount of paint that will be required to paint a particular section of the wall. Bauwerk Colour products are eco friendly and are continually monitored by Australian Ecolabel Association. Bauwerk Colour offers paints and coating that deliver smooth appearance. These paints and coatings are sustainable and free from harmful substances.