Bart Kelsey provides a lenticular file mastering, printing, and consultancy service in Australia. Lenticular 3D prints attract and hold the attention of their viewers, unlike any other form of print advertising.

Applications for the backlit or reflective prints include architectural exhibits, point-of-purchase displays, trade show graphics, general purpose signage, transportation/bus-shelter/airport/street furniture displays, vending machine decals, and movie posters. They are ideal for any place you need to get the customers’ immediate attention.

3D is spontaneous, true colour and requires no eyewear or ocular gymnastics. Image flipping occurs optically. The magical effects stop passers-by in their tracks. You will witness the intrigued viewer, interacting with your exhibit, attempting to touch floating 3D elements or walking back and forth time and time again, watching for the flip. What other poster can achieve that sort of reaction? What other poster provides the value of up to three images in one?

Imagine your design in pure 3D, or flipping from one perspective to another –even a two-image flip in 3D is possible. Perhaps you want to display the same design, but in different colours or materials, e.g. brick and weatherboard. Flip effects are ideal to demonstrate comparison views like before versus after, night as opposed to day, on and off, and so on.

Bart Kelsey can provide instructions on how to render scenes from CAD programs for 3D lenticular print production. He can perform 2D-to-3D image conversion and 3D photography. Artwork guidelines are available on his website. Standard print sizes are up to 1200mm x 2400 mm. Larger sizes must use tiled panels.

Bart Kelsey specializes in lenticular imaging and printing. Lenticular is not just a sideline; it is his core business.