Barloch Industries  produce affordable solutions for water shortage and bushfire/wildfire threat issues. Many parts of the world are in the grip of a debilitating drought with the fire risk never so high. Australia has severe water restrictions in places around the country and suffers each year from unforgiving bushfires across the land.

February 2009 brought Victoria, Australia to her knees bearing witness to more bushfire horror, with tragic loss of lives that could well exceed 200. More than 700 homes were destroyed; 330,000 hectares have been burnt out.

The Canberra bushfires of 2003 caused severe damage to the outskirts of Canberra and after burning for a week the fires entered the suburbs, 4 people died and more than 500 homes were destroyed or severely damaged and most of these homes were on town water.

2008 saw Barcelona ship nearly 23 million litres of drinking water – enough for 180,000 people for a day – the first delivery in an unprecedented emergency plan to help this parched corner of Spain.

The country is suffering its worst drought since records began 60 years ago, Catalonia, of which Barcelona is the capital, has been the worst hit region, and then the droughts in Cyprus have forced government officials there to ship in water from Greece to ease the crisis.

July 2008 saw the slew of wildfires across California, most ignited by lightning that burned more than 800 square miles of land, the blazes destroyed at least 67 homes and other buildings.

The introduction of DownPipe Loch (rainwater harvester/ water diverter) by Barloch Industries can help people to harness the 'lost' water, trap it and divert it to where it is needed most. This water can be used around the house, the garden bed, the lawn, the pool or the water tank, thus complimenting 'the cycle of life'.

The removal of water from the roofline and into the stormwater system will upset the natural balance. This is what contributes to the severe cracking which appears in many homes.

Following are the features of the DownPipe Loch (rainwater harvester/ water diverter):

  • handles big volumes of water
  • no wastage
  • extraction capacity of 3 outlets
The BushFire Loch (BushFire/WildFire prevention device) is a unique system and is one of the most effective ways of helping to protect the home, particularly when confronted by an ‘ember’ attack resulting in ‘Domestic Bushfires’ (a phrase recently coined by the Country Fire Authority in Victoria, Australia to describe how a fire can jump from one house to the next or from parkland to parkland, tree to tree in residential areas).

The BushFire Loch is a fire prevention device that provides a simple do-it-yourself (D.I.Y) option to create a spray system for the roof and surrounds and, at the same time, the ability to recycle the water used and also divert rainwater.

Following are the features of the BushFire Loch fire prevention device:

  • easy to install
  • fits easily onto most standard round downpipes with supplied adaptor
  • provides a simple D.I.Y option to create the option of a protective spray around
  • the roof and surrounds or flood the guttering with water
  • seals downpipe to prevent the escape of water
  • ability to recycle the water used
  • ability to harness rainwater

Barloch have announced the signing of one of Australia’s national celebrities, Col Elliott (the ‘face’ of Barloch) to champion their cause. The Barloch products provide a simple and effective solution.

Both devices target market and customer types are broad indeed; from home owners, industrial, rural applications and commercial customers to educational facilities, hospitals and other institutions.

The manufacturing of the products has been undertaken in China. The products feature high quality and are cost-effective.