Baratech Air Conditioning offers four important tips to maintain air conditioning systems in the home. 

Homeowners make a valuable capital investment and an investment in their family’s comfort when they buy an air conditioning system. Routine air conditioning maintenance can help protect this investment and also save money in the long run through benefits such as lower energy bills, reduced likelihood of breakdowns, and increased life of the air conditioning system.

Key DIY air conditioning maintenance tips for homeowners: 

Replace it 

If the air conditioning unit requires replaceable filters, buy 12 filters each January so that the filters can be changed monthly. If the air conditioning unit has a reusable filter, follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations exactly and in a timely manner. Replace it when necessary. 

Clean it 

Failure to change or clean the air conditioner’s filter places too much strain on the unit. From a health perspective, the dust on the old or unclean air conditioning filter gets recycled and contaminates the air in the home. A potential problem, especially in damp climates, is the risk of mould growth on dirty old air conditioning filters leading to a whole host of unpleasant problems. By simply keeping the filter clean, one can avoid problems.

Inside and out 

Check the outside unit of the air conditioner to clear away any leaves, dirt or debris that may impede air flow. Air must be able to circulate freely around the outside air conditioning unit.

Service it 

Engage a reputable air conditioning and heating specialist to maintain the integrity of the home’s air conditioning system with twice-a-year visits: once at the beginning of winter, and then again before the summer cooling season. The technician will check the unit for optimum function and will clean, tune and lubricate any parts to return them to peak performance.