has announced it has passed its 13,000th on-line trade request, with the average time to find a trades person anywhere in the country dropping to three minutes.

Statistics showed that builders right across the country replied equally at around three minutes, with no state generally faster or slower but, interestingly plumbers were generally faster at 2.5 minutes. Electricians were 2.8 minutes).

Scott Maxworthy, CEO of says, “You’ve got to love your plumber, he’s got the job of cleaning up the jobs most of us are scared to even think about – how they can reply to an SMS that quickly is beyond me. I suppose it’s the fact that only relevant leads are sent to them via SMS and if they’re interested they can reply instantly or call our call centre on 1300 796 279.”

How BANGitUP works

At the touch of a button, developers, builders and consumers have free access to BANGitUP’s trade select service. You key in the trade you need – builder, electrician, plumber, etc; enter your postcode; and select the approximate cost of the job and when you want it done. It takes about a minute.

“It works a bit like a dating service for finding builders and tradesmen. You get an SMS and email with details of the guys that respond – you can check their licenses, insurances, if they have a web site, etc. It simply makes a historically cumbersome process more efficient,” Maxworthy says.

"Over 25% of new customers are through word of mouth and 30% are from the industry. The service works very well, with both customers and trades very happy - the market has to be pleased with that!" Maxworthy says.