Balcony Shutters of Aust  offer aluminium shutters which provide maximise space, view, light, privacy and security. Aluminium shutters also help in controlling weather and noise levels. In addition to manufacturing a wide range of aluminium louver shutters, Balcony Shutters Aust also use and supply timber shutters, synthetic shutters, shoji screens, sound baffles and security screens.

Balcony Shutters of Aust supply aluminium screens which include privacy screens and shade screens. Privacy screens are made in both full frame and end frame styles depending on the type of installation required. Blade spacing allows 50 to 100 percent privacy cover as needed. Privacy screens can be fitted with hinges or can be externally mounted.

Balcony Shutters of Aust supply shade screens which are designed with lighter frames. Shade screens are also designed with blade spacing variations to allow 50 to 100 percent cover as required.

Balcony Shutters of Aust offer glass shutters which can be used in a wide range of applications. A few applications include balconies, patios, reception counter tops, restaurants, coffee shops, serveries, shop fronts, solariums etc. Balcony Shutters of Aust also supply operable wall systems.