The goal of Backatwork is to optimise the interaction between people, their work environment and the tasks they perform in order to achieve gains in comfort, productivity and OH&S outcomes.

Backatwork achieves this by introducing technologies and ideas that maximise flexibility and choice, and minimise activities that are potentially harmful.

Backatwork specialises in fully electronic, touch-pad controlled height adjustable desks and work surfaces.

Backatwork’s design and manufacturing facilities are Brisbane-based. However, Backatwork imports its sit-to-stand lifting mechanisms from Denmark. Backatwork does incorporate them into its product frames in Brisbane.

Backatwork has a strong commitment to environmental standards from cradle to grave. Backatwork choice of materials and their treatment in the manufacturing process ensures that environmental impacts are minimised.

All of Backatwork’s timber-product desk surfaces are fully sealed to eliminate fugitive emissions from solvents or bonding materials for the life of the product. This gives them an effective EØ rating.

The lifting componentry is fully reusable as it can be disassembled and reconfigured for incorporation into new designs when it is time for a refurbishment.