Current office, workshop, university and home-study facilities tend to lock the users into a fixed posture for extended periods of time.

They also have little or no capacity to accommodate different body sizes and types (other than through a height adjustable chair), and they give the user no opportunity to stimulate circulation or maintain muscle tone.

This leads to a loss of productivity through fatigue and head/neck pain, and long-term lost work time through passive back injuries.

Certainly adjustable chairs will go part of the way to improving working posture and relieving back pain. However, they will still only give a satisfactory sitting position.

The height adjustability of Backatwork desks from Backatwork will allows the user to match their working height to suit their changing needs throughout the day, including standing up to work or sitting on a gym ball or kneeling chair.

This is not possible with small-range manual adjustment desks. You can also have the desk at slightly different heights for reading and for manual work such as writing, drawing, laboratory tasks or admin process work (mail sorting, dispatch etc).

In addition, standard office and academic desk designs do not facilitate the return to work or study of people with back pain who need to stand, or wheel chair patients with special height requirements.

Backatwork desks allow the user to not only set a height that suits their particular body size and needs, but to make even the smallest micro-adjustment to get the desk at exactly the right height to suit themselves. It takes about 10 seconds to cover the full sit to stand height range.