Backatwork  specialises in fully electronic, touch-pad controlled, height adjustable desks and work surfaces that go from a low sitting or kneeling height of 620mm to a high standing height of 1300mm.

Backatwork’s design and manufacturing facilities are Brisbane-based and it services clients across Australia and NZ.

Backatwork desks are made to:

  • Australian Standard AS 3100,
  • Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4442:1997 and
  • ISO 9001:2000

The Backatwork desks are made from new materials (with a focus on minimal environmental impacts). The Backatwork desks also comply with the Furntech-AFRDI Blue Tick certification (Report No. 4967/2).

In addition, the Backatwork manufacturing facility meets the Australian Standards Red Five Tick Quality Standard.

All Backatwork desks use a 240 volt chain drive mechanism that is built within the legs of the table making it quiet, and ensuring that there is no clutter under the desk.

The lines are beautifully clean, meaning that there is clear access for wheel chairs without snagging knees or clothing. A three-leg corner desk will lift about 240 kg, more than enough for computer equipment, books and printer/fax - with plenty to spare.

The Backatwork desk can also be fitted with a pressure cut-off switch so that if it is lowered onto the knees of a disabled user or the arm rests of a chair it will stop automatically.