B.J. Evans & Co  supply Fischer Plastics products which includes spare parts trays, tool boxes, compartment containers, drawer organisers and louvre panels. Storage boxes, Visi paks, first aid boxes, utility boxes, carry cases, tackle boxes, drawer module system, hangers and audio cabinets are also available.

B.J. Evans & Co supply tool boxes with cantilever trays. 2, 3 and 6 tray tool boxes are available which are made of polymer material and contain ABS clips and handles. Louvre panels are available which are strong, lightweight and made from ABS plastic. Louvre panels have inter-locking ends for modular set-up. A special louvre panel grip is provided at the back of each Stor-Pak bin to ensure the bin sits strongly and securely onto the panel.

B.J. Evans & Co offer a wide range of audio cabinets which are designed to fit into shelves. Audio cabinets have strong modular design clips and can also be mounted on walls. Audio cabinets are available in black matt finish to complement audio and DVD systems.

B.J. Evans & Co supply Trio Hinging Australia products which includes hinges, door hardware, nails and wires. LT Williams’ products are also available which includes wires, plumbing products, grabrails, rods, bathroom fittings, garage door locks and accessories.