OH&S requirements, for building sites with liftwells, includes the need to provide a screen or enclosure for liftwell openings. An important consideration when sourcing these screens is the weight of the units. Built for typical on-site requirements, are lightweight for ease of handling and transport. Aztex screens weigh 40 kg, which is over 40 per cent lighter than more conventional steel screens. 

Aztex Liftwell Screens comply with the necessary OH&S requirements, including National Standard for Plant. The necessary handling and other information is located on the front of the door. Designed to cover openings measuring 2.3m x 2.1m (h x w), these units feature a fully-riveted aluminium screen frame and have no sharp edges to avoid injuries when handling. The doorframe is made of steel but, unlike conventional screens, the door opens fully to 180° for better access.

The screens may be folded and stacked for transport and storage. All Aztex screens are keyed-alike for user convenience and are available for sale or hire. The lock is well-guarded and the hinges are located behind the impact area, for greater protection of the unit. Another security feature is the interlocking lid, which fits snugly to the supporting frame. This helps prevent access by unauthorised personnel. The locking striking plate is extended to allow for out-of-square installation.

Source: Construction Contractor