A timeless portal

At first glance, one might not even realise that this monumental mural conceals a set of double doors. The mural is a masterful collage, capturing the client’s childhood and landscapes of his upbringing, forming a visual symphony of personal and cultural significance. Axolotl was commissioned by a private client to complete the mural artwork, bronze surface and door fabrication for their palatial home in Saudi Arabia.

Axolotl doors

This piece was a first of its kind for Axolotl, which truly epitomises the transformation of an entryway into a narrative-driven masterpiece.

Spanning across four full-height panels and doors, the client's vision of a seamless integration of art and architecture, reminiscent of ancient cast bronze doors, was realised. Axolotl wove together various personal images supplied by the client into an intricate tapestry translated into a digital format for 3D printing.

Each layer contributed to the intricate tapestry of the artwork, building depth and dimension with every pass. The crowning moment came as the pieces were bathed in bronze, meticulously hand-polished and aged. This transformative process bestowed upon them the weighty presence and timeless charm reminiscent of traditional bronze craftsmanship while maintaining a remarkably lightweight finish.

Axolotl doors

More than an entryway, this door is a temple of memories, a testament to the client’s past, and a beacon of innovative design. It exemplifies how modern technology and craftsmanship can create something extraordinary, inviting us to consider the possibilities when imagination, technology, and tradition coalesce, leaving us with a first impression that will last a lifetime.