Awnings WA  offers shade sails, sunscreens, roller shutters as well. These shade sails are designed from extensive range of colours and fabrics and are available in various sizes and shapes. These shade sails are available in galvanised steel posts with powder coat finish and consist of stainless steel fittings and cables.
The shade sails provide ultraviolet protection and they also provide an aesthetic look for outdoors. It is also used as sun and shade control.
Awnings WA offer sunscreens as well. These sunscreens have optimal climate sensors and are motorised with a remote control or switch. These sunscreens are used as effective heat control and they also reduce glare to a great extent. Sunscreens also provide privacy to the users apart from offering ultraviolet protection.
Roller shutters from Awnings WA are constructed using aluminium and polyurethane foam insulation. These roller shutters are also motorised accompanied with remote control or switch and are available in 14 colours.
The roller shutters provide insulation during summer and winter. They are also useful in reducing noise and provide efficient security. These roller shutters from Awnings WA are available in four slat types and they act as an effective light control as well.