Avoclean Services  provides window cleaning services and maintenance services for high-rise commercial buildings and executive houses. Avoclean Services follows Industrial Rope Access Technique (IRA), a modern technique, used for accessing difficult angle areas like bridges, towers, high-rise buildings and complicated environments.

Avoclean Services uses IRA for cleaning windows, facades, pressure cleaning, painting, repairs, maintenance, erection of signs and banners, water leakage repairing, pest control, lighting conductor installation, difficult angle areas and access systems.

Avoclean Services provides commercial window cleaning services for factories, high and low-rise buildings, shopping complexes and industrial estates. Avoclean Services uses several kinds of equipment such as cherry pickers, gantries, BMUs, extension pole work, scaffolding, scissor lifts, boom lifts, ladders and swinging stage for rendering commercial window cleaning services.

Avoclean Services, in consultation with a Quality Management specialist, has developed a Quality Assurance Program.The Quality Assurance program has helped in developing quality culture and service in the organisation. Avoclean Services’ Avoclean Quality Assurance program satisfies the combined requirements of ISO 9000 specifications for quality management, AS/NZ Standards 4488:1 and 4488:2, Australian Quality Council guidelines, WorkCover guidelines, the industry draft code of practice, risk assessments and method standards and the Avoclean environmental, occupational, health and safety manual.