Automatic Heating supplied two Meridian condensing hot water heaters to Geelong Grammar’s indoor sports facility as an energy efficient solution for heating the swimming pool.

The Handbury Centre for Wellbeing at Geelong Grammar School’s Corio campus embraces an environmentally sustainable design to deliver a new approach to health and wellbeing for its users. The indoor facility comprises of a multipurpose sports hall, a FINA-accredited 25-metre swimming pool and diving facility, a gymnasium, a dance studio and a café.

Several environmentally sustainable design (ESD) initiatives such as an active façade, natural ventilation and night purge, and rainwater reuse have been incorporated in the building’s design. In keeping with the sustainable design approach, the 25m swimming pool is being heated energy efficiently through the use of two high-efficiency Meridian condensing water heaters, supplied by Automatic Heating. These floor-standing units provide 150kW of energy efficient water heating capacity, totalling 300kW of energy saving quality.

The Meridian units can achieve a net efficiency of up to 108.6% to deliver seasonal savings of up to 35% over conventional water heaters.

Where two or more Meridian condensing hot water heaters are cascaded together, smart cascade controllers can provide lead and log control, staging and duty cycling for optimum efficiency and water heater running time.

Key advantages of Meridian condensing hot water heaters include inbuilt pumps and flow and return headers reducing install time, plantroom space and installation errors; cascade-ability with BMS interface option saving plantroom space and providing sequence control of multiple units with BMS feedback; isolation valves allowing service or maintenance work to be carried out without disturbing the cascade arrangement; AGA Approved Type A Appliance eliminating individual approval inspection requirement; and tower module incorporating a secondary pump and expansion tank designed to complement the water heating units also available.