Automatic Heating supplied hot water storage tanks and water heaters to a recent building refurbishment project in Sydney CBD that added luxurious end of trip facilities for tenants.

Representing an emerging trend in new buildings and major refurbishments, end of trip facilities typically include shower, bathroom and storage facilities for people using non-motorised methods of transport to and from work, such as bicycles.

End of trip facilities are increasingly becoming more elaborate and comfortable with building owners investing in creating exclusive spaces reminiscent of a health club or retreat rather than gymnasium change rooms. From a leasing perspective, these facilities have now become a significant draw card for blue chip tenants.

Additionally, bicycle parking and end of trip facilities also contribute sustainability credits towards a building’s GBCA Green Star rating, making it a win-win for property owners.

In this instance, a building located at Grosvenor Place in Sydney’s CBD was recently refurbished to include luxurious end of trip facilities on par with a 6-star hotel.

Designed by Harry Seidler & Associates as part of a $20 million upgrade, the 1980s-built skyscraper features a marble-tiled ‘Camerino’ (Italian for dressing room) with individual shower cubicles and changing facilities.

Spread over a space of 800 square metres, this magnificent facility includes 30 shower rooms, 400 lockers, storage for 170 bicycles for those riding to and from work each day, and even a bike repair room. Features also include power outlets for device charging, ironing boards, and grooming stations with hairdryers and other personal appliances.

Automatic Heating was involved in the project from the concept design stage, assisting with product selection, specification and plantroom layout, through to completion and commissioning.

Domestic hot hater to the facility is supplied by two 1000L Thermex stainless steel hot water storage tanks heated by two 150kW Meridian condensing hot water heaters from Automatic Heating.

Image: Meridian condensing hot water heaters from Automatic Heating (Photo provided by Harry Seidler & Associates; Photographer: Dirk Meinecke)