Auto Entry  is a manufacturer, supplier and service provider of a variety of automatic door systems. Auto Entry is a part of the organisational structure of DORMA BWN Automatics (DOEMA). Auto Entry has been serving the Australian population since 1967.

Auto Entry, through DORMA, offers a product range that includes door-control hardware, automatic door operators, glass fittings and systems and room dividing systems. The DORMA Door Control division from Auto Entry offers door controls, door furniture and locks. The door control products are sold all over the world through architectural hardware trade.

The Automatic Division manufactures automatic door systems. Sale and service of automatic door systems and operators is also undertaken by Auto Entry. The Glass division of Auto Entry’s DORMA, focuses on the manufacture and development of furniture and fittings for glass doors as well as decorative glass systems.

Auto Entry’s Movable Walls division offers room partitioning, dividing and interior space configuring elements. The product portfolio ranges from sliding walls for auditoriums to room-in-room systems.