A new container desiccant from Australian Warehouse Solutions is helping exporters protect their cargo in transit.
Moisture is not even considered a problem when packing cargo in Australia on a typical winter day of 18°C. However, when the container gets to the equator or is trans-shipped via Singapore, the internal temperature is likely to reach 50°C, with the high temperature and humidity creating ‘cargo sweat’ leading to mildew, rust and sodden cartons, and exposing the shipment to damage.
Most exporters ensure appropriate protection for their cargo by using container desiccant so that it reaches the destination in pristine condition.
The MBD99 desiccant from Australian Warehouse Solutions completely protects the cargo. Available in a variety of sizes, the desiccant can also be used to protect smaller sized shipments such as boxes or individual pallets.

The MBD99 clay based desiccant has been manufactured by AWS for over 25 years and is used by numerous exporters to completely protect their loads.