Australian Technical Services  is involved in installation and maintenance of fire systems. It supplies fire monitoring and detection systems to suit specific needs in various premises. Specialized fire monitoring and detection systems installed by Australian Technical Services are ideally designed for special environments. Fire suppression systems can also be combined with existing detection installations.

Fire emergency and evacuation systems are installed by Australian Technical Services for various buildings. Various other services offered by Australian Technical Services include replacing lights, installation of power points, installation of various security and access systems and integration of either desktop processes or manufacturing controls.

Australian Technical Services delivers various data and communication requirements including telephones, access controls, IT networks and wireless systems. Australian Technical Services is capable of designing and installing these data and communication systems in order to ideally suit different specific requirements such as building services, security and access control, distribution, production, IT systems and networking.

Australian Technical Services is an integration partner for Clipsal systems enabling the organisation to introduce various intelligent control systems for both residential and commercial applications. Australian Technical Services is also known to be the approved installer of latest Smartwired technology.