Australian Pump Industries has introduced a new range of cost-effective single phase submersible pumps from Tsurumi, designed for septic tank applications. Manufactured by Tsurumi Pump, the world’s largest submersible pump manufacturer, the UT series available from Aussie Pumps is designed specifically for effluent and sewage applications.

Aussie Pumps’ Craig Bridgement comments that the UT series submersible sewage pumps are loaded with features designed to give homeowners and operators the assurance of long-term durability and low maintenance costs. Aussie Pumps has been able to match the quality and features of the pump with a low purchase cost; prices have been reduced by 35% based on expanded volumes.

Tsurumi Pump developed the product range in response to requirements in the Japanese market for super tough pumps for sewage applications.

The pump is fitted with a unique vortex style impeller that passes compressible solids of up to 35mm in diameter. Offering excellent flow versus head characteristics, the new UT series cast iron pumps are extremely efficient, delivering maximum flow of 440 lpm and maximum lift or vertical head of 12.5 metres.

Key features of Tsurumi’s UT series submersible pumps include single phase, capacitor start, electric motors in a 0.4kW to 0.75kW range; heavy duty 10-metre submersible cable; dry type squirrel cage induction style motor housed in a watertight casing and conforming to class E insulation; ability to perform in ambient temperatures up to 40°C; inbuilt thermal motor protection device protecting motor during over current or dry run conditions; vortex impeller highly resistant to abrasion and largely unaffected by minor wear; and unique vortex design allowing solids in suspension to easily pass through the pump.

The inbuilt thermal motor protection device reacts to the heat generated by over current or dry run conditions, cutting off the motor automatically and resetting by itself. The motor automatically restarts once it cools down to a safe operating temperature.

Several features have been provided in the UT series sewage pumps to enhance the life expectancy of the pump and cut maintenance costs. These include a unique anti-wicking cable gland, which prevents water from wicking down inside the cable, protecting the motor even if the cable is damaged or the end accidentally immersed. A double silicon carbide mechanical seal in all Tsurumi pumps has both seal surfaces submerged in an oil chamber, well away from the pumped liquid. A patented oil lifter ensures the mechanical seal faces are always lubricated and cooled, even if the pump is installed horizontally.

All Tsurumi pumps are backed by a three-year warranty against faulty material or workmanship.

In addition to standard effluent pumps, the Tsurumi UT series also comes in automatic stop/start versions featuring a simple float control system that prevents dry running, reduces power consumption and extends operating life.