A new high pressure self priming centrifugal motor pump designed for irrigation and horticultural applications has been released by Australian Pump Industries . Called the Aussie GMP model G2TMK-A, the pump in its 3hp single phase configuration, can produce good flows at high pressure.

The pump is manufactured from close grained cast iron and powered by a heavy duty squirrel caged style IP 54 electric motor. Claimed by the manufacturers to be both compact and low cost, it possesses good self priming characteristics with the ability to draught water from dams, creeks or streams from depths of 6 metres.

The new Aussie 2” self primer can deliver up to 280 litres of water per minute at 30 psi, and 65 litres per minute at 50 psi.

The pump achieves its performance characteristics by a balanced closed style impeller. It comes with 2” by 2” ports and has a number of user friendly features. These include a high, top mounted priming plug, a big integrated water tank for fast self priming and a foot mounted electric motor for ease of installation.

Aussie GMP pumps are built to ISO 9001 quality standards and risk assessments carried out in compliance with Australian OH & S.

“This self priming cast iron pump is of heavy duty construction but relatively compact,” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager John Whiteley. “Its versatility means that can be used for a wide range of chores around the farm or nursery ranging from transfer to spray and drip irrigation,” he said.