TO coincide with the beginning of the Australian bush fire season, Australian Pump Industries has launched the ‘Aussie Fire Captain’.

The Fire Captain is a lightweight high pressure, high performance fire pump that comes as standard with a heavy duty steel wrap-around anti-roll frame.

Australian Pump Industries is Australia's leading high pressure fire pump supplier with a product range that extends from lightweight ‘Ultralites’ right through to big village protection style fire pumps like the Aussie Brigade Boss series.

The Fire Captain is designed to provide first class fire fighting capability for farmers and domestic users as well as professional fire fighting authorities.

The Fire Captain offers robust single impeller design with performance levels normally not found in pumps other than twin impeller units. It produces pressures in excess of 100psi and flows of up to 500lpm.

"It's the Fire Captain's combination of flow and pressure that makes it so exceptional," said Australian Pump Industries’ Product Manager, John Whiteley.

"The Fire Captain will deliver up to 200 litres of water per minute at 50 metres a head, that is over 75psi."

According to Australian Pump Industries it is the Fire Captain's ability to apply large quantities of water at high pressure that make it incredibly good value for money.

The Fire Captain is powered by Honda GX160, 5.5HP Honda engine. It comes with a big 7 1/2" diameter one piece heavy duty impeller, severe service mechanical seal and bolt-on flanged style inlet port for ease of service.

The heavy duty steel roll cage comes with anti-vibration mounts, serving the double purpose of both protecting the pump and cushioning vibration to provide longer pump and engine life.

"The Aussie Fire Captain represents excellent value for money with a retail price significantly lower than lighterweight competitors," said Mr Whiteley.

"The pump doubles as a first class high pressure transfer unit, can be used for both drip and spray irrigation and can even be used to stock crate wash down or flush where needed.”