AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries’ new Aussie Hydrotek engine drive hot water high pressure cleaners are hitting the export market.

Clients operating in Indonesia's expanding oil and gas industry like the diesel drive machines portability and high performance, according to Aussie Pumps' Hamish Lorenz. The machines are suitable for applications in oil refineries, offshore drill rigs, platforms and processing plants.

The machines generate pressures of up to 4,000psi and steam to 120°C. It is this combination of steam and high pressure that makes them ideal for cleaning in oil related industries where they can be used without the use of chemicals or detergents.

Indonesian clients working with Pertomina believe the new Aussie machines will add a new dimension in providing efficient, water saving cleaning capability with enhanced maintenance and support programs for oil processing plants.

The diesel drive machines offer a choice of Yanmar or Kubota diesel engine with water cooled power plants being available for offshore oil rig applications.

"We are working with oil industry personnel to develop a new water cooled diesel drive machine for offshore oil rigs," said Mr Lorenz. "The project is code named ‘Hammerhead’ and will feature all stainless steel construction."