A NEW no frills, three phase heavy duty steam cleaner designed for heavy engineering applications has been released by Australian Pump Industries .

Called the Super Indy T20 the new machine delivers pump pressure of 3000psi and a turbo effective working pressure of 4785psi.

The new machine is powered by a heavy duty 5.5kW three phase slow speed (4 pole) motor. The heart of the system is a big triplex pump with ceramic pistons and brass head.

The slow speed pump, running at 1450rpm, provides reliable service and is suitable for the mining and construction industry.

The new machine delivers 120°C steam as well as having the capacity to infinitely vary water temperature from ambient to 100°C -- boiling point.

The machine comes with integrated detergent injection, a rugged three wheeled trolley as well as steam rated hose (8 metres) and heavy duty professional gun.

A unique double barrelled lance provides the operator with the facility to change from high pressure to low pressure with the twist of a wrist.

Optional Aussie Quick Tips nozzle are available to enable the operator to change the angle of spray in a matter of seconds.

The machine is protected by "Total Stop" that cuts the machine out when the operator releases the trigger. This means the machine is protected from extended by-pass running, the most common cause of failure in heavy duty pressure cleaners.