AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has released the Aussie Hydrotek 32004HG engine-driven, high-pressure steam cleaner. The machine develops 3,200 psi at up to 140°C. The unit does not rely on either 240V or 415V electric power supply to operate. This allows it to operate in remote locations such as construction, mine or logging sites.

The machine is powered by a Honda industrial engine that runs both the high-pressure pump and the diesel-fired burner. The machine is enclosed in a rugged frame that enables it to be either mounted on four pneumatic-tyred wheels, a trailer or mounted on a ute.

The heart of the system is a triplex pump with ceramic pistons, a large oil-filled crankcase and stainless steel valves. It comes with an insulated gun and 15m of high-pressure hot-water-resistant hose.

The machine is supplied with its own chemical injection system and stainless steel panels for lifetime corrosion resistance. The engine is electrically started, with a high-output charging system.

The burner system consists of an oil-fired 12V low amp draw automatic ignition system with forced draught inline fuel filter.

The machine comes with clear and precise directions for its use and adequate warnings to minimise risk during operation.

The machine is aimed at government departments, public utilities, mining and construction industries and property maintenance contractors.