A SUPER heavy duty diesel-powered high-pressure water blaster has been released by Australian Pump Industries .

Called the Terminator 2021, the big machine is designed to be operated in mining and construction sites across the country.

The Terminator is powered by a Hatz air-cooled diesel engine and delivers 3000psi pump pressure with an EWP 4,785psi when used with Aussie heavy duty Turbomaster turbo head.

The "Big Berty" Bertolini pump fitted to the machine generates 21Lpm flow providing tremendous velocity of water jet and making it suitable for cleaning large plant items like dump trucks, excavators or face shovels.

The big machine is built with mining operators in mind. It comes in a heavy duty steel frame and looks more like a skidsteer loader than a high pressure water blaster.

The frame is galvanised steel and OH&S-friendly side guards and top cover are included as part of the standard equipment. Also included are tie down points and a centre mounted lifting arm to make movement of the machine on site easy.

The new machine offers an integrated heavy duty hose reel that enables the operator to use up to 50 metres of high pressure heavy duty hose with the machine.

The hose reel, rated to 5000psi, is mounted inside the frame, thus protecting it from damage on site.

"The ability to operate with up to 50 metres of high pressure hose means the operator can move around a big cleaning task, like a dump truck or motor scraper, without having to move the machine three or four times during the cleaning process," product manager Hamish Lorenz said.

The Terminator comes complete with the Aussie Safety Pack that includes a thermal dump relief and safety valve, integrated into the machine's hydraulic circuit. A large high mounted filter cartridge filters water before it enters the pump and four large pneumatic tyres with steel rims provide rugged mobility.

"We chose Hatz power for this machine because of the great warranty support, suitability of the big air-cooled engine for on site applications, and the availability of shut down equipment to protect the machine in the event of low oil or low water," Lorenz said.