A SYDNEY-based packaging company is using a big 75 litre Aussie EcoClean vac to keep its warehouse and packaging plant clean.

Part of the Aussie Eco-Clean range, available from Australian Pump Industries , the big vac offers a 75 litre drum capacity with two 1100 watt, 240 volt motors producing 345 cubic metres of air flow an hour.

Mounted on a steel trolley for ease of mobility, the EcoClean vac is configured especially for applications in Australian factories, warehouses and workshops.

The barrel is manufactured from impact resistant polypropylene. The material is super strong and has enough "give" to bounce if it is accidentally hit by a passing fork truck or other obstacle.

The machine comes with a wide range of accessories that enable the operator to carry out a wide range of cleaning tasks. These include heavy duty 40mm crush proof hose, 2 chrome steel wands, a hard floor brush, a crevice tool and round brush for cleaning machinery or packaging plant.

The machine is capable of both wet/dry operation so it can pick up liquid spills with ease. A squeegee is included as part of the kit to make mopping up chores easy.

"The big vac makes short work in cleaning up our plant and handles pieces of cardboard and other heavy material with ease," said NCI Packaging's Claude Wecke.

"Operation is easy and the machine has been thorough stringent risk assessment, in line with occupational health and safety standards."

An optional Aussie Micro-Web filter is available that provides 99.9% filtration capability. The Micro-Web is a unique filter media construction from a polyester or homopolymer acrylic fibre with a micro porous membrane applied to the collection surface.

It is ideal for fine dust from limestone, bio-chemicals, lead, sugar, cement, precious metal pigments or fertilisers.