The ability to move large quantities of water at high pressure, at low operating costs, is a challenge faced by all pump designers.

Australian Pump Industries has come up with a new series of self priming stainless steel motor pumps designed to specifically address this challenge.

Called the M600 series, the new Aussie Jetmax pumps feature flows of up to 120 litres per minute and heads to 68 metres.

The pumps have simple self priming design and use a heavy duty stainless steel pump body for corrosion resistance.

Power is provided by a heavy duty 2 pole, TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) designed vermin proof motor in single phase or, optionally three phase configuration.

Typically, the new Aussie Jetmax model M600B, with a maximum flow of 120 litres per minute and a maximum head of 60 metres, (that's over 80 psi), is powered by a 2 HP single phase motor, capable of running off any normal household electricity supply.

"This big pump will deliver a whopping 60 litres per minute at 50 metres head" says Aussie Pumps' Brad Farrugia.

"That makes it ideal for industrial applications or dairy wash down, horticultural spray, irrigation, or transfer. When used with a foot valve, the pump has a priming capability of 6 metres, making it ideal for shallow well applications."