Catastrophic bushfires are currently raging around the country. The hot, dry conditions and strong winds are setting the scene for a bushfire holocaust, which is destroying properties and homes.

Those in bushfire prone areas are still very much unprepared for a bushfire emergency. In order to protect homes, a dependable water source, such as a dam, tank or swimming pool, and a reliable fire pump are needed.

Aussie Pumps, part of Australian Pump Industries , has developed a range of reliable engine driven fire fighting pumps designed for Australian conditions.

Named the Aussie Fire Chief, the fire pump is a simple, robust, high performance self-priming pump, which is available in either single or twin impeller version.

It produces pressures of up to 100psi and flows of up to 450 litres a minute.

Government departments and fire fighting authorities around Australia have used the pump, as well as ones in Europe, Africa and South East Asia.

Aussie Pumps chief engineer John Hales said, “We even supplied this superbly engineered product to US customers, who are amazed to find that there is no similar product made in the USA. It is considered the world’s finest lightweight portable pump.”

Normally powered by a 5.5hp Honda petrol engine, the Fire Chief can also be supplied with Yanmar or Kuboto diesel engines. Standard heavy duty steel skids and anti-vibration mounts are included, creating a firm and secure base for the pump to operate.

The fire pump has a 7” one piece closed style impeller and is matched with a heavy duty volute that produces outstanding hydraulic characteristics.

All fire pumps in the Aussie Pumps range come with a self-priming feature to ensure the pump works first time, every time. The Chief also has a vertical suction lift of up to 7.6m, meaning it can draw water from wells, streams or dams – a necessary feature for fire fighting.

“That’s a major feature and can be a matter of life or death when a fire is on the move. We’ve heard horror stories about third world pumps that simply won’t prime in an emergency,” Mr Hales said.