A heavy duty 6” Trash Pump, designed specifically for mining and construction site dewatering duties, has been released by Australian Pump Industries.

Called the Aussie Quick Prime Model QP 601TD, the pump is manufactured from close grained cast iron and features a giant, open style, non clog impeller.

The big pump is capable of a massive flow of 252,000 litres per hour, that’s 4,200 litres per minute.

In its diesel drive configuration the pump achieves a maximum head of 32 metres at 3,000 rpm. The Trash Pump’s self priming characteristics are good with an ability to prime from 7.4 metres vertical lift.

The volute and impeller provide big water passages that enable solids of up to 2” to flow through the pump without impediment. A convenient front mounted clean out port that can be dismantled in a matter of minutes, enables easy access to the belly of the pump for service.

Standard equipment includes a tungsten carbide mechanical seal, designed for long trouble free operation even in pumping abrasive liquids.

Designed for close coupling, the Trash Pump comes standard with either a Hatz or Deutz air cooled diesel engine of 30HP rating. The Trash Pump is mounted in a steel skid base with an integrated polypropylene diesel fuel tank.

“The Aussie 6 inch Trash Pump is a genuine self primer and doesn’t need vacuum assist or priming aids,” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager John Whiteley. “Its big capacity and rugged construction make it ideal for mining or construction de-watering,” he said.

The Trash Pump comes in a standard skid mount version with a centre mounted lifting bar that enables it to be craned into position on site. The Trash Pump can also be easily trailer mounted where mobility is an advantage.