New technology is enabling water carters to gear up their operations quickly and at minimal cost. Using Rapid Spray polycarbonate water cartage tanks that are both strong, light weight and economically priced compared to steel tanks, water tank manufacturers can convert conventional cab chassis into water carts quickly and efficiently.

Combining the new style plastic tanks with an efficient Aussie self priming centrifugal tanker pump makes sense and provides operators with the ideal light weight, top quality, low cost combinations.

Bastian trucks, one of Sydney’s leading manufacturers and operators of water carts, has standardised in its 6800 litre tanker range on a Rapid Spray free standing tank and an Aussie 2” QP209, Honda powered self priming pump.

According to Bastian, the Aussie pump produces 800 litres per minute and has plenty of pressure to run the spray bars as well and it uses Honda 6.5HP, electric start engines because of their reliability, ease of start and operator convenience.

The Aussie QP209 is a heavy duty, 2” self priming pump that has the ability to draft water from depths of 7.6 metres. Its that ability to draft water from any creek, stream or dam, that gives the tanker real versatility.

Bastian’s truck mount setups are ideal for a wide range of tanker applications varying from water delivery to dust suppression on construction and road works jobs.

According to Bastian, it prefers the Aussie Quick Prime 2” pump because it has a big open vaned cast iron impeller that will pass small solids in suspension.

More information on pump tank combinations is available from Australian Pump Industries or Aussie Pump distributors throughout Australia.