A super high pressure Hatz diesel engine powered, fire fighting pump has been developed by Australian Pump Industries. Called the Aussie Mr T, the pump develops pressures of up to 115 metres head with flows of up to 500 litres per minute.

Australian Pump engineers match the pump horse power requirements to a Hatz 10HP, model 1B40 to provide loads of power and real fuel economy for the system. The engine has the added advantage of parts and service being available right throughout Australia, and the South Pacific.

The Mr T offers a number of advantages compared to conventional twin and single impeller pumps. The pump has an unique two stage design that allows the unit to handle small solids in suspension.

The first stage is a larger, open style, cast iron impeller. This big impeller allows plenty of water flow into the pump, providing water to the second stage. That secondary stage is a large diameter closed impeller, designed for turning those high volumes into high pressure.

The system works superbly as the choice of the NSW Rural Fire Service and other fire fighting authorities throughout Australia. The pump can be equipped with a foaming device and has an unique control module designed just for the NSW RFS.

The Mr T self primes from a vertical depth of 7.6 metres, making it ideal for drafting water from rivers, dams or wells.