A low noise, super comfortable industrial back pack style vacuum cleaner has been released by Australian Pump Industries . Called the Aussie Eco-Clean Dorsal, the back pack vacuum cleaner comes with a six litre polypropylene barrel and is powered by a 1200 watt heavy duty industrial motor.

Unlike disposable type back packs the Dorsal vacuum cleaner is loaded with features that include a complete outer casing of impact resistant polypropylene that virtually bounces if dropped or bumped. A heavy duty tool kit that includes two chrome steel wands, crush proof hose and a full range of cleaning tools such as a crevis tool, round brush, carpet head and a venation blind tool is also part of the kit.

“We are particularly proud of the super comfortable harness arrangement and low noise level,” Aussie Pumps product manager Brad Farrugia says. “Operators claim they could use the Dorsal all day without discomfort or irritation.”

Powered by a 1200 watt, 240 volt motor, the Dorsal vacuum cleaner offers super powerful suction with 250m3/h airflow and weighs only 4.5 kg. An added facility is the heavy duty orange industrial electrical power cable that is 15 metres long. This gives operators the ability to move around without having to plug and unplug the vacuum cleaner.