Australian Polycarbonate Products  distributes Danpalon Multicell panels that come with extended ultra violet protection. The Danpalon Multicell also offers a co-extruded UV protection layer that ensures longer panel life. The Danpalon Multicell is designed to have more cells and layers, which furnish the panel with a significantly higher thermal insulation value.

Australian Polycarbonate Products notes that the tightness between the vertical supports in Danpalon Multicell offers the highest impact and hail damage resistance. The high concentration of cells provides Danpalon Multicell with improved mechanical properties, buckling and rigidity. Australian Polycarbonate Products also supplies Danpalon Compact, which is a 4mm solid polycarbonate sheet that offers the transparency of glass.

The Reflective Grey colour provides a reflective external appearance for walls and roofing, while being transparent from the inside. Danpalon Compact offers various advantages including lighter weight for easier installation and less structure; higher insulation value for better climatic design; and greater impact resistance for improving safety and security.