The conventional pin tumbler lock is the most common commercial and residential design used in Australia. Unfortunately for homes and businesses (fortunately for crooks), the design and manufacture of these locks introduce a range of potentially exploitable vulnerabilities.

Conventional locks provide minimal security against the various methods used for forced entry, including picking as well as bumping, the latter requiring little more than a specialised key to compromise the lock. With no standards to satisfy there are no minimum requirements and no patents on the design leave the products exposed to fraudulent duplications.

To ensure protection for an organisation and its assets, a high security solution including high security locks and a master keying system should be considered a necessity. These systems have long been used in institutions that demand high security and also require multiple levels of access, including government buildings, casinos, universities and hospitals. For these reasons the systems have been gaining popularity throughout the commercial and institutional sectors.

High security systems offer protection against special security vulnerabilities including bumping, picking, replication of keys and key control and the extrapolation of top level master keys. These systems are likely to have a patent covering both the design of the cylinder and the key, and their interaction with each other.

The addition of a Master Key System allows different access to different groups of key holders without compromising security or safety. Colour-key coding allows organisations to create a Master Keying Hierarchy for quick and simple identification of keys.

BiLock Exclusive from Australian Lock Company

BiLock is an internationally acclaimed high security lock and master key system designed and manufactured in Australia. With a high tensile steel anti-drill barrier as standard, BiLock protects against drilling, picking and bumping.

BiLock Exclusive’s colour coded key heads are specifically designed to incorporate extensive colour coded master keying capabilities to ensure optimal security with quick and simple key identification. One, two or three colours can be mixed and matched from the 22 colours in any key head, with the possibility of over 8000 combinations.

When security is paramount to your organisation, the BiLock Exclusive high security system should be the first choice.

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